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  • This Website and all of its sub-pages are an independent run website with the pure intention of providing the community residing within the Victor Khanye Local Municipality vital information related to fire and life safety as well as preparation for adverse conditions that may impact all during a disaster or threatening disaster. In NO CIRCUMSTANCES is this page to be considered as an official page of the Victor Khanye Local Municipailty or representing this organization. To stop any allegations it is hereby registered that this site will remain independant and are 100% funded by the owner thereof.
  • The Victor Khanye Local Municipal website can be visited at www.vklm.gov.za.
  • All weather related data is received or extracted with gratitude from the South African Weather Services (www.weathersa.co.za) with the exception of the UV Index which is obtained from Accuweather (www.accuweather.com). It may occur that the SAWS site is unavailable at the time of refreshing this page, on which instance the data from Ventusky (www.ventusky.com) are used for graphical representation and with comparison to the meteoblue or ECMWF data from the "Windy" website (www.windy.com) to provide the given data.
  • Warnings are issued by the South African Weather Services (SAWS) ONLY in the form of emails or message systems and those relevant to the Victor Khanye Municipal area is published under the "Weather Warnings" box on the main page for information and early warning purposes to the community.
  • Newsletters and most of the information related to snakes and snake safety are obtained from the African Snakebite Institute (ASI) (www.africansnakebiteinstitute.com) with gratitude to their continued research and inputs.


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Today's Weather Overview:


Mostly cloudy conditions can be expected during the day.


A maximum temperature reaching 20 Degrees Celsius is expected. 


There is a 30% forecast for isolated showers.


An average wind speed of 9 Km/h or higher can be expected during the day with a predominantly North Westerly wind during the day.



(Check the Weather Warning box for any Hazard notifications, it will either be an Advisory, Watch or Warning)





No advisory



  Hazard:     -


No warnings issued for today


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Snakes are a common occurence, especially in Spring and Summer, they are mostly encountered. Due to their special risks the information on common snakes in our area can be found here. Select button to the left

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Rainfall for the past 24-hours

Read 07:00 for previous 24 hours

If you have different readings, please share the info


Go to the Newsflash page to get the info on participation.

You can reach the Webmaster at admin@vklmfire.co.za for any comments or requests.


Any enquiries on either the Delmas FPA or the Fire Department can be forwarded to enquiries@vklmfire.co.za or directly to the Chief Fire Officer at firechief@vklmfire.co.za


We would love to hear from you




The President announced a National State of Disaster in accordance with Section 23(1)(b) of the Disaster Management Act(57/2002).


View the Declaration here


The Regulations have been Gazetted and are effective from Date of Publication (18 March 2020)


View the Regulations here





A National Lockdown will be implemented as from midnight on 26 March 2020 for a period of 21 days. Please arrange ALL your affairs for this period and please ensure the safety requirements are still adhered to in order to ensure prevention takes priority



View the Lockdown Regulations here


Have a look under the NEWSFLASH page for the Seasonal Climate Watch media article from the SAWS under the media release section.






The maximum expected UV Index for today is  2 (Low)


The UV Index is highest between 11:00 and 15:00 - Please take the necessary precautions when going out in the sun or having outside activities. Rehydrate frequently to avoid dehydration. DO NOT use alcohol as a way of hydration, Alcohol have an opposite effect and in fact contribute to dehydration.


Even if overcast conditions are presented, the risk of exposure to dangerous UV light is still there, the clouds only obstruct normal light and the other sun exposures, but UV can penetrate through the clouds and still cause exposure.


The UV Index is explained under the Activities page


Please also look at the newsflash page with regards to a short update on the long term weather expectations as well as anticipated effects from global warming on our area.


Save the following somewhere to be reached quickly:


Inform the Victor Khanye Disaster Management at 013 665 3333 or 083 377 3532 of any incidents that may occur due to adverse weather. Please indicate area affected, contact details for refrence, the type of incident and if any specific dangers exist.







After a few recent incidents it is with great discomfort that the following are announced here:


The Provincial Ambulance Services are NOT part of the Fire Department or the Local Municipality since 1 April 1998. The Ambulance services are administered directly by the Department of Health on Provincial level and are based at the hospitals with a district call centre in Middelburg. All calls are dispatched through their call centre.


However, the Fire Department and members in support groups are trying to assist the community it serves in providing an access port to the Ambulance services. 


We are fully aware that when members of the community phone for an ambulance, it is usually under stressfull situations, but it is really not neccessary to become aggrevated towards those who only try and assist and have no control over the Ambulances, especially the Fire Department Control Room Operators.


Those having a problem with the innocent people trying to assist, please go to the Emergency Numbers page, and write down the Ambulance emergency numbers from there, and in future contact them directly. Stop verbally abusing those trying to assist in the presented stressfull conditions...




An appeal is made for support and participation from members within the VKLM municipal area to assist in providing rainfall data for the past four years as well as current data. The contact information can be found on the newsflash page (right side at rainfall data). the information is requested to create a more reliable and holistic representation of rainfall for the area as well as assist in research on this matter. Your help can contribute towards Disaster Management research.

SAWS Forecast model:

04 April 2020 



Detailed Weather Forecast from SAWS was not available at the time of publishing.


General Forecast

Maximum Temperature:                    28

Minimum Humidity:                          30%

General wind Direction:                     South-Westerly

Expected wind speeds:                      Average of 9 Km/h or higher










(It was brought to our attention that there are challenges with the municipal telephone systems, which includes the emergency numbers of the Fire Department, if you cannot reach the services on these lines, contact the Chief Fire Officer direct

on Cell 083 377 3532 until the challenges have

been resolved). Some good news, the 013 665 2939 line will be back in operation soon, the challenges have been resolved and re-installation of the line will be completed in a matter of days.

For description of warning or advisory, scroll down to bottom of this page...

32 mm


The Victor Khanye Fire Department,  Fire Brigade Services By-Laws have been forwarded for promulgation.


The implementation date will be as from the date of the Govenrment gazette. Kindly take note, non-compliant offenders are not exhonorated by the mere date of the by-law, as the previous by-law are still a legal document. With the updated By-Law there will be more emphasis on compliance. A copy of the submitted By-Law is available from the link below

Update on the Corona Virus COVID-19 Pandemic

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Site updated: 04 April 2020

The Delmas Fire Protection Association main web page can be found under the Index Tab "D-FPA". Or select button to the left

Description: Flooding / Heavy Rain

Flooding occurs when water overflows its normal channels such as streams and storm water drains. It can occur with prolonged period of rain, with continuous heavy falls or in the form of flash floods which are usually associated with severe thunderstorms. Heavy rain may also result in river flooding causing damage downstream to areas that may receive no rainfall at all during the flooding event.


Precautions: Flooding / Heavy Rain

If possible stay indoors and off the roads, avoid crossing rivers and swollen streams where water is above your ankles. If trapped in flooding in a vehicle, abandon it and climb to higher ground. In buildings, move valuables to a safe place above the expected flood level. Switch off electricity at the supply point to the building. In rural areas protect/relocate animals to a safe place on higher ground. Abandon your home immediately if evacuation is recommended, before access is cut off by flood water. NEVER drive on a road covered by water. You do not know how deep it is or if the road has been washed away. If the vehicle stalls, leave it immediately and seek higher ground. Be especially cautious at night when it's harder to recognize flood dangers.




Description: Severe Thunderstorms

Thunderstorms are violent weather phenomena that can be very dangerous. Any thunderstorm can produce any combination of lightning, flash flooding, very strong winds, hail and in some cases tornadoes.


Precautions: Severe Thunderstorms

If outdoors seek shelter immediately but DO NOT seek shelter, under a tree, under telephone and/or power lines, on hilltops, in isolated sheds, under unprotected gazebo’s or picnic shelters.


Avoid being near metal objects such as: - fences, golf carts, telephone or power lines and steel structures such as pylons and windmills. Do not: - hold any metal object, use any electrical appliance, use the telephone, take a bath or shower. Do not play sport during thunderstorms. Golfers and fishermen are at high risk.


If possible stay indoors well clear of windows shelter pets and cover vehicles, disconnect electrical appliances.




Description: Extremely High Temperatures

When temperature and the humidity is high at the same time or when the temperature exceeds a certain threshold, human’s ability to cool their bodies through sweating is reduced. This can be a real threat that leads to hyperthermia.


Precautions: Extremely High Temperatures

Stay indoors in a cool room near a fan if possible. The old and infirm must take extra care to stay hydrated and cool. Avoid strenuous outdoor activity, playing excessive sport and hard labour. Dress in light weight clothes and drink plenty of liquids NOT alcohol.

 Listen to the radio or TV or Community information media groups for warnings and obey the instructions from disaster management officers.





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With gratitude from the South African Weather Services for VKLM area